Nana Nani Homes team is leaving no stone unturned and doing it's best to protect the senior citizens during Corona Virus Attack. We along with the resident's co-operation are practicing complete social distancing inside the community.

Measures taken during COVID-19 lockdown

Milk pockets are washed and cleaned before it enters the community. Vendors wear face mask and Gloves while distributing milk. Every helper/vendor entering the community gets their temperature checked every day before entering the community. Together we can and we will beat Corona!.

Sanitization of Common Areas

The helpers and staff at Nana Nani Homes are working tirelessly to maintain a healthy virus free atmosphere during these tough times. The common areas such as the lifts, all the door handles, the dining areas, railings of the corridors, the floors are all completely cleaned and sanitized with disinfectant solutions everyday by our sincere helpers!!!.

Kudos to them for their dedication and hard work during these testing times.

Food delivery

Due to COVID-19 attack we are following social distancing in all our communities. The vegetables are thoroughly washed in hot water before use. All the kitchen staff wear gloves and masks everyday while cooking. The food is then packed in containers and home delivered to residents. Some residents come to the dining hall and collect their food. They stand 2 metres apart in a queue and collect their parcels.This way we avoid huge gatherings in our dining hall.

Security Measures

We are following strict security measures during the COVID-19 lockdown period inside our communities.

  1. Guests and outsiders are not allowed into the community during this lockdown phase.
  2. The community Gates remain closed to minimise entry and exit.
  3. Every staff member's temperature is checked everyday at the time of entry.
  4. They wash their hands and legs with soap before they begin work.
  5. They maintain social distancing while working.
  6. Every staff member wears gloves and face mask during working hours.
  7. Every person who enters the community is allowed only after sanitization.

Resident testimonials on Measures taken by
the management during COVID-19

We are following strict security measures during the COVID-19 lockdown period inside our communities.

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