Cleanliness is Godliness

Sanitation is the prelude to good health; orderliness to mental composure. When our surrounding is clean, we are protected from anything that will bear an ill effect on our health and when our surrounding is in order, we sense orderliness within the internal environment of our mind. Clean and orderly surrounding is the best part of Ananya’s Nana Nani environment. We maintain a litter free, sanitized and highly systematized- spanking clean environment that will keep you in good health and best spirits.

Life Within Nature

Even the reminiscence of nature would bring one’s mind to composure. In erstwhile eras, after fulfilling responsibilities to kin and kingdom, people chose life in the woods. Nomads still wander around hills and valleys. Travellers seek habitats of nature. Voyagers seek expeditions into no man’s land. Their purpose and pursuits may differ, yet what is common among them is their desire to connect with nature. By reason or by instinct, man senses life within nature, for nature remains the original habitat of every being, even of the humans.

The bane of civilization is people live displaced from nature. For practical reasons, work and livelihood, they choose life in cities. As an inevitable outcome, endless – thuds, rattles and humming of vehicles, disquiet, rushing and inescapable congestions, have become part of human life. It is only when they break from urban routine to retreat to nature that they experience some sanity of the environment, noiseless surrounding, clutter-free spaces and greenery. Nonetheless, even a short homecoming to nature enlivens people.

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes are built around semi-urban localities. Well within unclaimed surrounding nature, yet not far from city centres these localities are relatively pollution-free, quiet enough that one would even hear the rustling of leaves, so natural, that one could hold in sight candid skies and distant hills. It is like the best of both worlds, where you live within nature yet at a reachable distance to all the essential services of the city.